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In the October 2018 edition of Bespoke Bulletin, we speak to BME head of procurement Kgosi Musi about the challenges he is tackling in a complex industry with close ties to mining and a broad global reach. Then we tackle supply chain risks at two levels: providing a robust, academic examination of risk and vulnerability, as well as a practical 'top ten' list of ways to mitigate risks. We delve into the ethics of procurement, and our soft skills piece focuses on your relationship with your manager. Our top pick of important upcoming events is included.

Publishing Editor | Andrew C. Hillman | Bespoke Bulletin
Features and Opinions
Bespoke Interview: BME’s Kgosi Musi
Procurement, chemicals, stakeholder management, interview
Kgosi Musi’s career is characterised by tackling new challenges. Having emerged from FMCG, he is head of procurement for BME, a blasting manufacturer. Read more
Supply chain vulnerability: developments, trends and impacts
Supply chain, risk, mitigation, strategic approach
Learn about the latest developments in supply chain vulnerability and dominant vulnerabilities trends, as well as how to profile disruptions. Read more
Top 10 tips: Mitigating supply chain risk
Supply chain, risk, top ten, mitigation, SCM
Companies must develop plans to prepare for, and help reduce, the impact that disruptions can have on their bottom line.  Read more
Is there ever a right kind of wrong in ethics?
Ethics, procurement, supply chain, integrity
From child labour to corruption and kickbacks in major deals, unethical procurement decisions can be a source of horror stories and scandals. Read more
Managing your manager
Soft skills, career, management, professionalism
Are you managing up or leading from behind? Get to grips with five tips for making the most out of your relationship with your direct manager. Read more



What's Happening

Warehousing & Distribution Summit 2018
23 & 24 October 2018
Strategic Sourcing & Category Management s
23 - 25 October 2018
Contract Law Masterclass
6 - 8 November 2018
Three Bid Committee System Workshop (Public Sector)
20 - 22 November 2018
Finance Skills Masterclass
4 - 6 December 2018

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